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New & Improved Edition Weedcomb in Australia


* Comfortable Handle 11cm (4.5”) diameter for ease,

* Lighter weight by 40% only weighing 250g,

* Bright yellow plastic ABS colour (easy to find),

* Stronger design that will better handle,

* Easy to screw onto an extension pole (not included) - Uses standard paint roller extension pole and some broom poles (slight pressure when using an extension pole which needs to fit tightly and needs to be screwed in fully with the side screw done up tightly),

*  This product is the genuine Weedcomb.com tool, we are advertising the new and improved model.   

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Gardening Tools Australia
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Benefits of the Weedcomb Gardening Tool


* Effortlessly grabs and grass at the crown, removing the roots,

* Great for smaller and shallow rooted weeds,

* Keeps your hands away from spiders that live in your gardens like, funnel webs or other insects or snakes,

* You can also turn the soil in your garden bed, aerating & weeding the garden while also allowing the water to penetrate organically,

* Great for people that cannot bend down to weed or if you have large garden beds and enjoy doing little bits but don't want to be exhausted at the end.

 We didn’t believe how good it was until we tried it. 

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